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Diversified Decorating Sales, Inc. is a distributor of Marabu Pad Printing Ink

Pad printing is a universal process for a wide range of applications. Today, pad printing is used successfully in both the field of high-quality decoration and in the field of labeling and marketing. Due to the versatile use and the development of this technology, it has gained great importance and developed into a universally recognized printing process. Applications, substrates and quality requirements are so varied that the ink must be able to meet all the different demands. With a wide product range, Marabu covers all fields of application and offers you the right ink for each substrate.


Printing Plates
Alcohol Wash Punched / Unpunched
Water Wash Punched / Unpunched
Thin Steel
Thick Steel

Screen Film

  Doctor Blades
Plastic Plates
Thin & Thick Steel
  Ink Cups & Ink Cup Rings
60 mm
  Diversified Decorating Auxiliaries
HX050 Pad Cleaner Rejuvenator
Extendalife Pad Oil
Film Positive and Screen Film Cleaner
Mixing Sticks
Mixing Cups
Masking Tape
Hand cleaner
Solvent Resistant Gloves
Alcohol Wash Developing Solution
Plush Cloth for Developing Printing Plates
Pad Printing Starter Kit: Includes the above items for the beginner!!

Pad Sample Kit: Includes four printing pads, manufactured in different types of silicone and profiles, to determine which silicone and shape best fits your application!!


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